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Lenora A Yancey “Lennie”

Native Baltimore, MD * Graduate Western High School * Graduate Sojourner-Douglass College * Mother of Two Sons & Six Awesome Grandchildren * Survivor Alcohol & Substance Abuse * Survivor Domestic Violence * Professional Career Woman * Community Volunteer * Broadcasting Institute of MD & Voice Coach * AND MOST OF ALL, MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!

Author of “Broken Wings”
Dedicated to empower women & men of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Journey Greeters Along the Way Share Forward

I met Lenora when I started working at Health Care Access Maryland. I had the opportunity to shadow her as drove around Baltimore City providing cold water to the homeless on a hot summer day. We shared a little bit of our background with each other on the ride and an friendship began to blossom. I was transferred to a different department but that didn’t stop us from visiting each other to catch up. Our relationship went from being coworkers to starting a nonprofit organization together. One night after a frustrating day at work I put out the idea of starting our own organization in a group chat that Lenora and myself were apart of. Lenora took that idea and ran with it. She and I become closer as we worked together to bring our vision to life. Lenora has been the big sister I needed. When my mom for sick she was a listening ear. She has always been supportive with everything that I have done in life. I am grateful for her.


Passionate Advocate for Homeless

I met my friend Lenora back in 2016, where we worked together at HCAM. When we first met I was placed in the department of which she worked and was immediately embraced with her smooth voice and kind nature. We connected while I working in HCAM and when I moved back to NY in 2017. Lenora or Norrr (as I call her), has been there through my ups, my downs, and my turnarounds. I have seen the same with her and her accomplishments. I am thankful to have my sister-friend in my life always.


Sisterfriend for Life!

I am intensely proud of my guardian angel and best friend Lenora Still Strong Yancey, who has, considering everything that has happened in her life, achieved so much, by the grace of our Lord and Savior. I am unbelievably grateful God crossed our paths 20 years ago, and that, even though we have never actually met, we have remained steadfast friends and been there for one another no matter what. I am honored and humbled to be a small part of her life, and I thank God every single day for this beautiful, amazing angel He brought into my life. God bless you in abundance my friend. All my love, from across the oceans, till eternity and beyond.

Beverley Hibbert,
Cape Town, South Africa

Facebook Friend

Arylon Brooks Jr

I met Lenora when we started a new job at the same time and have known her for many years now. We are able to build a friendship while learning the new job and supporting each other. I quickly learned of Lenora’s strength, wealth of knowledge, and spirit. She quickly became a resource not only for life but to gain a new perspective on how to live it. We were able to bounce ideas and different viewpoints off of each and have become great friends because it. There are few people in the world like her as she is one of kind and blessing to know. Her advice on life will help you navigate your way through any circumstance and her vision is extraordinary. She has a powerful voice and I’m pleased that she is finding a way to share it with the world.

brenda b brown

I have known Ms. Lenora Yancey for Approximately 10+ years. We attend the same church Providence Baptist Church, Inc,, located at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217. We are in the same Sunday School Class together. She sings with the Psalmodists of Praise Choir. I travel with them when they go out of town for different concerts. She is a very kind and giving person. I was present for Women’s Day when she got up in front of the whole church concerning spousal abuse mentally and physical. This is how “Broken Wings” came about. She also serves on the Media Ministry at our church. When asked she will read scripture and Lenten readings.

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